Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Power Of Now

     When you live in the past, you are allowing shadows in the mind to dictate how you feel. It is never healthy or wise to look behind you with resentment, anger, fear or to say that your best days are behind you. In the same respect, it is never wise to live so much for the future that you miss out on today. Plan for the future, and remember things from the past that were joyful and inspiring... but live in the now. Now is all we have, and it should never be wasted by contantly gazing into the rear view mirror of life, or speeding down the road at a million miles per hour. How much beautiful scenery is passing you by right now because your eyes are blind to the moment. Get your eyes off of that mirror and your foot off of the excelerator; enjoy what you have in the great here and now. Making your life worth while today will ensure a brighter tomorrow, and you will enjoy your trip through this life much more.

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