Sunday, January 22, 2012

Horror Novel

     I am currently working on my first novel entitled, The Fourth Horseman, (Apocalypse Of The Dead.) The novel is in the style of George Romero's, Dawn Of The Dead, with some creative twists. It is no easy task to write a zombie apocalypse novel, seeing as how the market is done to death... no pun intended. Fans of the zombie genre are also very particular, and they will hang you out to dry if you flub up their beloved walking corpses. I myself am a huge fan of the living dead books and movies, so I am very aware of what makes one cringe and give up on a book or movie. My direction for this novel is to avoid the classic survivors boarded up in a mall or house for the entire story; but rather show how our characters try to survive as the zombie outbreak spreads and their town is overrun by the dead. I want to show the zombie outbreak from the onset, and have our characters right in the middle of the carnage. I also came up with a way that will show how the zombie outbreak takes our world by storm, and cripples the military. I want to show things in this book that have not been done before in other zombie stories, yet keep the important elements intact that the the living dead fans believe to be important. The zombies themselves will be a bit different than most other walking corpses, there is a bit of a twist. But don't worry, the zombies will not talk or be created by aliens.... They will be hideous, rotting, people eaters as the fans of the genre demand... But there will be something unique about them that I think will be appreciated by the walking dead enthusiasts.

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