Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Devil Is In The Details

     I have read a good number of religious books that devote a significant amount of material to the devil. How is it that we can read a book on the subject of spiritual healing, and end up devouring copious amounts of information on demons? It appears to me that such tactics would fill a person's mind with fearful images and feelings of dread. Thoughts are things, and if we come to believe that some demonic power could afflict us in mind or body at any given moment; then our faith in the healing power of the universe will be greatly diminished. It is far better to believe that there is one power in the universe, and that power is for us. After all, why would a being of pure unconditional love create such a malevolent being as the devil? The answer of course is that love would not do such a thing. If you are having problems getting results in your life over a certain challenge, check up on what you believe. The devil may be in the details.

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