Friday, December 30, 2011

Is Your God Love?

     Most all religions proclaim that God is love. But do our actions and religious doctrines prove this proclamation to be true? When you condemn or hate another for having a different religion, are you following the path of love? When you favor one group of people over another, are you walking the path of love? If you kill someone in the name of God, is this walking the path of love? When you look upon on the world and believe that everyone in it must convert to your way of thinking or perish and burn in eternal fire, is this the way of love? Can we honestly say that our God is love and then believe that he would promote such behavior? Can God announce that he is one thing and then act another way? Is love watching us do such hateful things and nodding its head in pleasing approval? If we believe that he is, then our view of God is greatly skewed, and we need to rethink our religion. Is the God you follow truly love, or are you just giving him a dose of  hypocritical lip service?

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