Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Flash robs and Flash mobs

     I call on each and every one of us today to teach respect, honor and self worth to our young people. What has society become when we are so quick to jump at the command of someone giving orders of violence through some form of social media? All of us need to return to our spiritual center and realize that the life we live goes far beyond this material world in which we exist. We are all here to learn something in this life, and that something is love. Many individuals have said on their death beds that they realized that love was the supreme rule they were supposed to live by. Money, power and the illusion of control over others has been to many a waste of time and life once they reached the their final moments. And those who have done violence to others have passed away in tears, saying that they did not feel worthy to enter into the light.
     Many have said that they have reviewed their lives with luminous beings before the hour of their passing was to come. And those who have harmed others found this process extrememly difficult, sorrowful and painful. The individuals were not being jugeded, but rather judged themselves as they realized how unloving they were in their earthly lives. One act of violence done in a lifetime caused many to refuse to enter into the light because they were afraid or felt unworthy to stand in the presence of Divine love. So I ask you, what will you see in your life review at the end of the road? Will you go gladly into the light, or will you be so weighed down by feelings of guilt that you will not even let the supreme source of life and love forgive you and welcome you home?

     Self seperation from Divine love is certainly not an eternal state like the mythical hell, but it is a sorrowful one. Those who have glimpsed this state have said that some souls will weep in regret for what would be years and years in earthly time. And it is with great effort that they will finally forgive themselves and step into the golden hue of a peaceful eternity. I think it would be far better and easier for us all to pass into the next dimension of life with peace of mind. This peace of mind only comes through living a life of peace, and loving our neighbor as we love ourselves. Acts of violence can surely impact us greatly once we reach the end of our earthly years... But what about the here and now? Do we respect ourselves and others enough to cease these mindless acts of stealing and violence just because some delinquent posts the command on our phone or computer? Do we lack the ability to take control of our own lives and turn our backs on such trends?

     Are we becoming the sheeps being led to the slaughter? If we are so weak willed that we cannot resist these random acts of violence given by a faceless commander, what would happen if some charismatic leader in the style of  Adolph Hitler or Charles Manson came on the scene and ordered us to slaughter others for some self proclaimed higher purpose? Many people, both young and old have said that we have evolved beyond such things and that only the mentally disturbed would follow such a leader in the new modern age. But is that really so? Have we really advanced as a people when we will violently stampede into the streets and retail  stores at the command of a text, tweet or post? What are we becoming, and what are we setting ourselves up for? I think these two questions beg us to rethink our position in this world... and the universe.

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