Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Pedestal Of Ego

     Why is it that sometimes people feel that they are superior to others? They fancy themselves somehow better than those around them for such reasons as money, looks, and even accomplishments. Think about your own life for a moment, do you feel that you are somehow above other people in some way? Do you feel that you are setting upon a pedestal looking down upon all of the feeble souls below you?

     I would suspect that we all feel somewhat, "high on ourselves" every once in a while. But what if that feeling becomes a permanent mindset and lifestyle? I would suggest that we all climb down from the stage of our own ego and consider this;  We all come from the same Divine Source. We are all children and expressions of the God who made all things. So if we frown upon or look contemptuously at others, we are in fact being critical of the one who made us all. And what reward will that have for us in the long run? These are certainly things that we should all ponder as we also ask ourselves what Divine Love really is. Food for thought.




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