Monday, May 15, 2017


    Well, he changed the name of the blog once again LOL! A word of explanation for that: before Christmas 2016, I was playing with the idea of changing the name of the blog after my spiritual journey that I wrote about a month or so ago on the blog. One of the names I came up with was, The Ark of Gabriel... The name comes from some sort of Ark, like the Ark of the covenant in the Old Testament in the Bible, that the Archangel Gabriel supposedly gave to the Prophet Muhammad during his time on earth. I heard about the Ark of Gabriel in some articles that I had read online and also on YouTube. I thought it was a great name, and I always had an affinity for the Archangel Gabriel. So I wrote the name down in a small notebook which got shelved on one of my bookshelves and completely forgotten about. I just recently rediscovered the notebook with the name written on one of its pages. I still love the name for the blog, and so over the weekend, the idea came to fruition.